One Year Ago today To BrandiSparks

  Well exactly one year ago today I made one of the best clicks I ever made on the internet when I first met one of the most amazing people I ever met on MFC and she goes by the name of BrandiSparks.  Even though I only spent about 15 minutes in her room that first night and only spent a few tokens and didn’t find my way back in her room till a week later, something made me comeback to her room a week later then every night on-wards and it was how gorgeous, cool, silly, friendly, and down to earth she was and not to mention how much we had in common with each other. She was also very quick in accepting me as one of her regulars (which she refers to as her BLovers) as well as how quick she befriended me and I’m extremely thankful for that.  Also because I met Brandi, I also met other people that I consider friends to me now such as Yamlet, rell, chef, gta, balzy, sleepy slug, brin  JennaApples, Summer, and EchoMe as well as many others.  Every night I spent in Brandi’s room or the times I have skyped with her has truly been awesome experiences and even on the slow nights I have greatly enjoyed every time I got to spend hanging out with her and my only regret is not finding Brandi a lot sooner then I did.  Now I no longer consider Brandi as “just a another camgirl” (while that may be true in MFCs eyes)I now consider her as one of my closest friends and she also tells me that I’m also one of her closest friends now as well (I also consider JennaApples, Summer, and EchoMe as friends more then camgirls too) and words can’t express how grateful I am to have Brandi as a friend.  The past year has been one hell of a ride and I hope that awesome ride continues for another year and beyond.

I’d like to conclude by saying Thank You Brandi for being so awesome and I hope we will remain friends for years to come.